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Any type of material that contains Gold, Platinum, Palladium, Silver, and other high end precious metals can be refined if you’ve got enough material. This can include plated items such as jewelry, flatware, industrial/scientific machine components, pins from electronics, etc. With enough volume, circuit boards can also be refined.

The minimum weight requirement for refining varies greatly depending on the type of material. Minimum weight requirements for refining materials are as follows:

Gold plated pinsGold Plated Pins: There are MANY different grades of gold pin materials that come out of many different types of electrical machines/components. For gold plated pin pricing, please send us clear pictures of the material, and also include the weight.

If you’ve got materials that do not fall into the above categories, please contact us for more info.

Motherboard recyclingPlease note that refining takes up to 6-7 weeks to complete, depending on the refining method needed for your load.

Turnaround times based on different refining methods are as follows:

Payment on refined loads, are paid out based on the spot price of the actual purity/yield of the precious metal(s) that are extracted through the refining process. Different types of materials will pay out differently, and some refining fees may be incurred, depending on method of refining, and how many types of metals are being extracted. Please contact us for current pricing on your material.

Per-Pound Pricing

If you do not have enough material to start the refining process, there are still options for selling to us. We also offer pricing on smaller quantities of material on a per pound price. Please contact us for current pricing. The minimum weight requirements to receive per pound pricing are as follows:

Whether you are selling at the “per pound” price, or refining your materials, pricing is based on the precious metals commodity market, and will fluctuate regularly.

If you have a large amount of material, our freight department can assist in arranging the logistics to have your load picked up appropriately. Call for more details


The seller is usually responsible for the shipping charge(s), so please contact us prior to shipping so that we can help you to make sure your load is cost effective enough for you to send. In some instances, if it is a large load that requires freight shipping, we will cover the cost upfront. Even in these instances, the shipping cost will then be taken out of the settlement report at the end of the payment process. Again, the seller is responsible for shipping charges.

Getting Paid:

When your load is done being sorted/processed, you will receive an email with your settlement results. Once you accept the settlement, the payment process will begin.

If your load was purchased at a “per pound” price, payment is typically in the form of a check, and is sent out to you within 3-7 business days of settlement.

If your load was purchased as a “refining lot”, payment turnaround will range from 1-8 weeks, depending on the type of material and the method of refining required.

Payout Methods: