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About Us

For nearly 5 years, the team at R2E has been dedicated to meeting all of your recycling and refining needs. Since starting in 2011 we have served our local/regional community recycling needs, and have since branched out to meet refining needs on a national level.

We recycle and refine many materials from computers and household electronics, to precious metals in many different forms. Whether you are a scrap recycling buyer or seller, or have precious metal(s) that need refined, R2E is here for you.

R2E focuses on three aspects of business which are electronic recycling, precious metal refining, and electronic reuse. Please see our tabs to learn more about each of these services offered.


Secure Data DestructionOne of the many services offered by R2E is secure data destruction. This service is offered to both business and residential clients. We can securely handle the destruction of all media devices including hard disk drives, media tapes, MMC/SD cards, zip drives, CD’s, and any other type of media device that needs wiped, degaussed, or physically destroyed.

Upon receiving your media for destruction, paperwork will be started to ensure that items are handled properly. All pieces of media are isolated in a secure lock box for the duration of the route. Once the truck arrives at our production facility, media items are removed and placed in another secure lock box inside of the building. All serial numbers are then logged, and the media is destroyed. Once destruction is complete, a Certificate of Destruction (C.O.D.) is emailed to the client for record retention.

*D.O.D. Compliant Software Wipe

This method of destruction is focused primarily on hard drives from computers, laptops, and servers. It utilizes Department of Defense (D.O.D.) grade wiping software that securely destroys all data from hard disk drives.

*Full Media Degaussing

This method of destruction focuses mainly on hard drives, backup tapes, and smaller pieces of media. It utilizes our 9000 gauss Degaussing machine that electromagnetically clears all information contained in the media.

*Physical Destruction

This method of destruction is typically used for small, fragile pieces of media that is easier to dismantle/destroy (zip/flash drives, cassette tapes, VHS tapes, CD’s, etc.). Items in this category will either be shredded or destroyed using a drill press and hammer until entire component is completely unusable. R2E strives to offer these services at a more than competitive rate than other data destruction companies. We’re confident that our service is the most cost effective way to not only protect your personal sensitive information, but to also maintain compliance with industry standards in data destruction. Please contact us for current pricing on this service.